Transformed by Jay Begay


    Transformed   by Jay Begay 


     Some of my school friends saw me talking to the homeless. “What’s going on?” they asked. “Why do you do this?”

     I shrugged and walked away. I had to think about my answer.

     When I was younger, I ran around with tough kids. We got into a lot of trouble. I thought that being destructive was cool.

     I changed. I think it was the ocean. Something happened to me. I never believed that someone would raise money for me to spend a week in California and play in the ocean. I felt so free, so happy, so liked.

     Then we went to Skid Row to eat with the homeless. I have never seen such misery or such hopelessness. As we sat with them, images popped into my head. I heard my grandmother say “treat all people as kin, with respect.” Suddenly a feeling of compassion swept through me.

     Between the ocean and Skid Row, I knew with a certainty that I had to change and that I could.

     That’s why I can continue sharing with homeless. I have seen what is important.

     I give thanks for the Spirit Journey Youth group and for my grandmother Kaze Gadway for putting me into situations where I can change.


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