Walking to School – Jay Begay


     He was hidden behind a dumpster trying to keep warm. “Hey dude, “What’s up?” I say.

     He pulls himself up and opens his eyes slowly. “You have any food?”

     I hand him my lunch. “You have somewhere to go tonight?”

     “No, I’m okay, just cold.” He says pulling his coat tighter around him. Thanks for the food.”

     My cousin/brother Jacob and I find a sleeping bag and buy some spam and bread. We go back that night. He’s in the same place so we give him the stuff. We tell him about shelters during the winter.

     “Yeah,” he says. “I tried that and got beaten up the first night. It’s safer on the streets.”

     We talk a bit and say goodbye.

     Jacob and I talk about it later. There are just too many homeless people on the street and not enough good places to be safe.

     Sometimes we feel guilty about having a warm bed to go home to every night and a kitchen.


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