Nathan Blackwater Advent

Advent Promise by Nathan Blackwater


Take off the old

Put on the new

Bring in the light

Shatter the old you.


These images pull at me.

I’m in a dark land

Being erased bit by bit

Until I see my hand.


Slowly I pull on

Clothes of light

Thinking good thoughts

Of doing what’s right.


Street kids appear

Shrouded with dark

My hand shreds their gloom

Until they are marked.


Holy you are

Holy what you touch

The light does it all

It doesn’t take much.


Advent’s the time

To put on the light

Healing yourself

Grow new sight.


God walks among us.

Rubbing out the fear

Giving bright gifts

Letting us hear.


This is why

All the lights and songs

The gifts and food

To turn us from wrong.



Have fun this season

The dark’s going to fold.

Put on the light

Dance till it holds.




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