Jeremy speaks of Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving

By Jeremy Blackwater


Thanksgiving is coming.

So is loneliness.

I miss my relatives

But I’m not going back.


For Natives

It’s all fake.

A made up pilgrim story

Pretending tolerance.


Ask the Wampanoag

About the Pilgrims

The decimation of our people

The price we paid.


Calling us sub-normal

Stealing our land

Forced relocation

Torn from families.


We give thanks every day

Not just one day of football,

Drinking, and gorging, and

Bitterness of the poor.


Pilgrim day long ago

Speaks to our giving freely

Even knowing about the

Broken promise people.


A different family

Now surrounds me.

A family that thanks

For good and bad


We give thanks

For surviving.

For keeping our tradition

In telling our stories.


We still give freely.

We give thanks

For our blessings

For all our kin.


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