Never Be Enough Jeremy Blackwater

Never be Enough

Jeremy Blackwater

In working with troubled youth, it seems I hear the same story over and over again. “Nothing I do is good enough.”

One youth told me, “If I do something good in school they ridicule me because I am boasting. Then they say, ‘It won’t last. You will do something stupid. You always do.’ If I have plans for doing something different they say “It won’t work. You are just a stupid kid.”

Granted, not every youth comes from dysfunctional parents but the ones who are referred to me have been abused, crushed, shamed, whatever.

My message to them is the one given to me by my youth pastor. “You start with being good enough. You can change. You have to stay real.”

Sometimes I work with them with only one of these things. Usually, it is about staying real, with not posturing, with learning to act from integrity and with finding your resources inside yourself.

I didn’t think that doing this job with at risk kids would be so hard and sometimes impossible.

Yet, the smallest change is a victory, like a youth taking the colored pencils and drawing pad and putting his emotions on paper. We celebrate all the time.

There is nothing I rather be doing.

Thank you all who supported me when I was trying to grow up and make it on my own. You are all my blessings.


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