Confusion … Jeremy Blackwater


Jeremy Blackwater

His hand plants itself

On his forehead

Like he could beat

The answers in his head.

His jaw tightens

Sullenness sits on his face.

“I don’t know”

He growls.

I simplify the steps

Choosing a soft tone

Careful not to look

Giving plenty of time

His eyes flicker

Waiting for me

To shame or blame

We both wait.

What will you do first?

I look down at the paper

He looks too.

He picks up his pencil.

“Cool,” I say.

Startled he stops.

After some quiet

He starts again.

More time passes

His shoulders hunch over

Like a vulture

He doesn’t quit.

His head jerks up.

Eyes open wide

“I get it, I get it.”

“It’s so simple.”

“Way to go,” I say.

“You worked it through.”

His mouth drops open.

“I was good?”

I nod, smiling

All it took

Was staying out of his way

And silence.


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