Grandfather by Jeremy Blackwater

On the Memory of Grandfather’s Dying

Jeremy Blackwater

The eyes fade out.

The fingers loosen

His breathing goes in and out

He lets go, sighing.

I can’t, shaken.

I want to remember

His walking through the bush.

How did his mouth tighten?

What did he do before he sat down?

Did his head tilt this way?

I’m losing the details.

Everything creeps to the edge

I can’t even remember his smile,

Until I see it on my brother’s face.

Walk with him, Great Spirit.

Do not let go.

Don’t let me go either.

Whisper to me in the wind.

Fly before me red hawk

Move your branches in my face.

Walk beside me in this place.

Don’t let me forget

As we sink into this earth.

This is where all things rest.


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