Confining Images, Jay Begay

Confining Images by Jay Begay

My best friends and I (Jeremy and Jacob) talk a lot about past and present images we have of God. We agree that we all used to believe there was a big superperson(mainly white) living far away who manipulated us into doing the right thing. Then we started discussions in the Spirit Journey Youth and realized that something unusual and good happens not far away but within ourselves and encounters with people and nature.

The best image we now have is that God is what we name as the source of goodness and holiness. This source is felt, seen and heard in specific things that we encounter. Rain reveals this source to me, as do the sparkle  in a homeless man who feels good about himself, or just laughing at silly things or the love of my girlfriend.  It is the source that is important, not the image found in specific religions.

Metaphors are good for talking about this source. When I thank the Great Spirit for 4 legged, 2 legged, things that swim or crawl or just sit there, I feel related to all creation and my images have a great wind that swirls around everything in sight. And I feel complete.

When I am complete I enjoy being kind, laughing with others, working hard and just sitting around.

Perhaps we need another name than “god.” The source that lets me know that I am complete fills me with new eyes to see holiness everywhere.

I love reading and talking with people who have different images of “god” but who experience sacredness.


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