Contemplate by Jeremy Blackwater

Contemplate  by Jeremy Blackwater

Sitting behind the couch

Listening for footsteps

I kept very still

Waiting for blows

Maybe long fingers

Grabbing my neck

Throwing me at the wall

I kept silent

Silence gave safety

Kept me invisible

From loud voices

And stinky breath.

When those hands

Reached for my siblings

We crept away silently

Walking the long road.

We came to a river

Cleansed ourselves

Without words

Following the old ways.

Sat down in water

Poured over each other

Poured some on Mother Earth

It changed what it touched.

We found ourselves

In a different place

With different eyes

Seeing sacredness everywhere.

Holiness lives in pinon trees,

In that scared rock

In that raven

In each and every thing.

Grandmother God

Gave us water to heal

Songs to remember

Sage to honor.

I am now older

No longer waiting for blows

Hiding in silence

Holding my breath.

Silence is now a blessing.

It names me

It surrounds me in generosity.

It takes me deep.

Daily I practice keeping still

Encircled by beauty

Recognizing those moments

That enlarge my path.

Silence encloses my prayers

Opens my soul

To an unearthly calm

I rest in goodness.

Now I breathe.


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