Spirit Journey Youth Lament

One of our spiritual exercises was to write psalms to help us out of dark times. We wrote this in 2010.


Spirit Journey Youth Lament


Grandfather God

Why have you given up on us?

We know we have messed up big time.

Why does everything go wrong for us?

Why don’t you help us for a change?

We want to quit, to strike out, to hate.

We’re tired of jail.

Boozing and using don’t work.

We hate being like this.


But You, Creator God keep reminding us that we have connections.

You send people who don’t give up on us

You come in our dreams to say that something different is coming

You give us friends who kick our butt.

We hear something that talks hard core to us.

You give us music that sings us hope.


Great Spirit, who comes on the wind through the leaves,

We bless Your Holy Name for restoring us to balance,

For giving us harmony, for bringing us back home.

For connecting us to earth and water and the tops of trees.








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