Sun by Jay Begay

Sun by Jay Begay

I ask some men under the bridge how they are keeping cool. “We can go into the library and the bus station if we don’t act weird and look neat. They chase us out of stores and gas stations but there are some shade trees and there is always the river.  The hard part is walking long blocks to get food at different places. I almost fell over with heat the other day.”

With our donated Walmart card we got some bandanas so they could dip them into water and put them on their necks. And we give out a lot of bottled water. It is not enough to stay cool throughout the day but it helps a little.

I don’t know if I should focus on helping only a few and help them with what they need or to give little to a lot of people. I shudder to see the homeless children who huddle in corners to try to keep cool. Once I took two kids inside a store with me so they could get cool. I don’t have a backpack and my clothes are clean and not ghetto. So I got away with it but I had to take them back outside so maybe it was wasted effort.

There is so much that needs to be done. Jobs are needed, houses are needed, water is needed, health care is needed, a drop in center is needed, a lot of kind people are needed. I can’t solve the mental illness and addiction problems but I can be kind.

Today that doesn’t seem very much but it’s all I have.

Kindness is about respect.


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