What I want by Kyle

Several years ago I wrote this and posted it on the Spirit Journey Youth blog. I have a job in maintenance at a motel in N. Arizona and I have completed one college course in business. For youth who live or have roots on the Rez, these dreams are still real.

What  I Want by K.B.

I want to bring home money to my family so we can eat something besides chips.

I want to sleep at night without people shouting or drinking.

I want to have some place to go when it gets too much.

I want someone to ask how my day went.

I want to be noticed when I do something good.

I want some space of my own.

I want someone to care if I’m sad or down.

I want to talk about important things.

I want to be taken seriously when I talk about my future.

I want to talk about God stuff without being laughed at.

I want promises kept.

These are my dreams.

They aren’t going to happen soon. At least, not in my home.

I want to stay alive until they do.


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