Among You by Bishop Carol Gallagher|By Carol Gallagher


Among You

Do you see the broken man

with his hands raised

is he asking your help or deep in prayer?

Do you see the woman who is so bent over?

What do you see as you walk along?

The rain filled the rivers up again

the brook sings praises and the sky dances

water overflowing and sunlight dappled

we are warm and fed but do we see the kingdom?

The city streets teem with people

some rejoicing, some crying some aching

we do not see the kingdom among us

we are too wrapped up in our own importance.

What do you see when you go forth today?

See the hope in the father’s eyes,

the child’s hand

the sweet giggle in the grandmother throat

the possibility of being whole, being fed.
Bishop Carol Gallagher


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