Levels by Jeremy Blackwater

Levels by Jeremy Blackwater

I have been meditating on a quote by the late Marcus Borg: “…there is more than one kind of reality, more than one level of reality…these levels or layers can be known…the sacred is accessible to experience.”

Recently I had the deepest conversation I have ever had with my siblings. We talked about being separated for a while (probably Christmas); about past baggage, and future dreams. They will be living with friends in another state for the year. My brother will be going to community college and my sister to another high school. They will have a different life style and loads of new experiences. We all chose to do this but when it came time to say goodbye, a lot of emotions came up. We talked and talked and talked. We set up some holy practices to do including greeting the sun with corn pollen, lighting the sage with our prayers of thanksgiving and lighting a candle with prayers from the book of Common Prayer. Also they will attend Church services. We will communicate by wi-fi.

We exchanged traditional stories we learned from our grandmother. We each chose one value we wanted to encourage in ourselves this next year.

My brother chose facing fears with courage. My sister chose being grateful every day. I chose compassion for those who see themselves as outsiders. We will report to each other monthly on what we have done.

When we left we wrote out Borg’s quote and told ourselves that we all know different levels of experience and we have to encourage ourselves to be on the level that leads to the sacred; to beauty and goodness.


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