Balloons by Jay Begay

Balloons by Jay Begay

This memorial day we will send up helium balloons again for those who have died. We gather as families and write a message to our loved ones who now walk in the spirit world.

This year we have decided to send up balloons not only for family members but for all those who have died from the Spirit Journey Youth group—from cars, drugs, violence and suicide.

We are debating the message we want to send.

It is not that we believe they exist in some kind of afterlife in a form that can read balloons. But we believe that we all have a spirit that connects us to everything that has ever been created or will be. We believe that trees and frogs and rain and people have that spirit.

And somehow, these spirits both those with consciousness and those who do not seem to be conscious are connected to the flow and well spring of all spirit. We call the unifying spirit the Great Spirit. We do not claim that the Great Spirit interacts with us any more than it/she/he interacts with the smallest pebble.

Yet we feel we belong to something that cares for us even if we cannot put it into words. Somehow, we believe that we along with everything and everyone else have a unique place in this universe.

So with all this vagueness, what message will be put on the balloons?

“We love you. We miss you. We honor you” are the messages we usually send.

Perhaps this year we can also say, “We flow in and out with you in beauty.”



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