Respect for Women

Respect Women by Jay Begay

Someone posted a quote from her grandfather this past week on the Native respect for all women. The line I most remember is for us to take care of each other as the road the Creator has given us. It is the vision of those who know that we all come from the Creator who demands respect for all people and all things. I nod respectfully at those women on the street who have been abused by men. I keep my distance from these women to help them keep safe. It is so wrong for men to abuse women.

My girlfriend and I talk about this a lot. She says that it is not enough to not hit women, men also have to listen to them with respect. Having her opinion listened to means a lot.

We come from a tradition where women take their place on the council. My grandmother was the wisest person I knew.

We know what we have to do to change our attitude toward respect. I pray that we all do so.

The women living on the streets deserve our respect just like the women in our tribe/nation.


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