Stepping Stones by Bishop Steven Charleston

(Jay’s comments So many things Bishop Steven says move us deeply. This one is particular helpful to those of us Native youth who recognize the small stepping stones of our journey. We are grateful to all those who keep acts of kindness and support before us constantly. And who do not demand that we instantly change and know our direction immediately.)..


Bishop Steven Charleston  “So much of our spiritual journey is made up of the small stepping stones, the small graces of life, that have carried us over the streams of change we have managed to navigate thus far, moments that in and of themselves may not even have been recognized when they happened, but that upon reflection appear in our past like a path of mercy, acts of kindness, words of support, encounters with wisdom, the unexpected solid ground we needed, just at that time and just in that place. So much of what gets us through life is not the grand event, but the step by step blessings that lead us from wandering to wonder.”


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