Lent Thinking by Jay Begay

Lent by Jay Begay

Someone at school told me that if he doesn’t ace everything, his parents will condemn him to hell. I ask him if he believes in hell.  He tells me not really but he doesn’t feel he is a very good person so there may be a hell for him.

It disturbs me that he combines not being good enough with hell.

I think for me, Lent is a time for giving up the idea that I have to be “good enough.” It is difficult to give this up. I know theoretically that grace means that I don’t have to be “good enough” to totally live a life of service and blessings.

I enjoy my life. Yet when someone questions my homework or opinion, I feel like somehow I am not “good enough.”

So this Lent, I am working on giving up being “good enough.” I have been reading Richard Rohr’s Wondrous Encounter for Lenten meditations. One thing he says is until we make contact with the Spirit Spring of water that immerses us in good things, we will always define ourselves by nonessentials, cultural accidents and external forms and formulas.

So I am trying to stay connected to that wellspring by greeting the Sun, praying with sage, respecting those I encounter and spending time doing those things I enjoy.


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