Giving Up by Jay Begay

Giving Up by Jay Begay

I stroll past a homeless man who is wrapped up in a grey blanket. I have on a nice sweatshirt and decent pants and shoes. The contrast seems cruel during Lent. What can he give up for Lent that would not put him into danger of dying by cold or starvation?

Then I think of the things I treasure that keep me from being torn apart. I treasure my job, my school, my family, my friends ,my church and most of all those things in my tradition that keep me balanced.

I remember that Lent is the time to give up those things that keep us from walking in the light. The things I treasure keep me in the light so what do I do for Lent.

I think of all these things as I walk to school.

I make a list of all those things that slow me down or keep me from relating to people as my kin, that keeps me from connecting to that which is important, that dulls my awareness of the holy in small things, and that fills my thoughts with negative dreams.

That makes a long list. For my brother on the street, I imagine that he can give up anger and despair and regrets so he too can live in balance in his situation.

When he wakes up later this morning, I want to talk with him, not about his misery but our common hope to treasure the life we have.

May the Creator keeps us close this Lenten season.


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