Start with the Leaf by Jeremy Blackwater

Loving the Tree by Jeremy Blackwater

Sitting under a tree

In mild weather

Not even a breeze.

Just drooping leaves.

My jeans settle on the dirt.

Arms wrap around my knees

Ears open to silence.

Wanting some focus.

One leaf stands out.

Lonely, sagging, inert

Really a disappointing leaf

Unresponsive indifference.

Staring in silence

I get it.

I don’t like the leaf as it is,

I want a perfect leaf.

I laugh at myself.

Who am I to want achievement

In a leaf?

Who am I to set conditions?

I think about people, classes, weather.

All things about which

I complain.

Who am I to demand perfection?

How would I change

If I accepted every encounter

As a gift as it

And not as I want it to be?

Okay, Tree, branches and leaves.

Thank you for being you

Just as you are

Not as I want you to be.

Maybe I am growing up.


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