Lonely at Christmas by Katy Yazee

Lonely by Katy Yazee

I’m lonely

In spite of Christmas

Or maybe because

There’s too much fuss.

What would my grandmother say?

She used to tell me

Stay Strong

Remember your roots

Don’t do wrong.

But I feel alone.

My memories are bent

Christmas is tough

Too much violence

Everyone’s too rough

What happened to joy?

I remember being hit

Of hiding in fear

From a very bad man

I shed many tears.

Then I said no.

Now I am safe.

We decorate a tree

My kids laugh aloud

There’s so much to see.

It’s a new kind of Christmas.

New memories grow

I’m slow to believe

Christmas is being

A  kind of family.

We protect each other.

A new star shines.

God walks with us.

Merry Christmas.


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