Christmas is Coming by Jeremy Blackwater

Christmas is Coming by Jeremy Blackwater

How terrifying it must be

to not have a face.

To have others mutter

“What a loser.”

When I go to school early

Street people wake up

And crawl out from overpasses

And look around for something.

Grimaces invade their lips.

They wrap their blankets

To hold in a little warmth.

Their eyes vacant of anticipation.

My body jumps to a stable,

I’m there in the warmth.

A steadfast family,

A baby wrapped up tight.

Angels sing,

I feel the promise,

Each one of us is important,

No one is an outcast.

I wish that I had a family

That protected me,

That proclaimed me worthy

That surrounded me with kindness.

All I have is a story

About being cherished

By a God that walks among us,

By a promise that I am significant.

How do we share this story

With those who don’t believe

That there is a door,

Where they too are respected?

It’s up to me,

To be the story

That each one

Has value.

Now I have a reason

To celebrate Christmas

More than for me

For all those who

Who have no face

Until Now.


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