Setbacks by Kaze Gadway

Setbacks by Kaze Gadway

“So what have been your setbacks?” I ask a man who tells me things are not going right.

“Getting my things stolen when I was on a drunk,” he says. “Getting paid $5 for working on cleaning a yard all day. Not being allowed in a gas station when I needed to go.”

He thinks and then continues “But people shared stuff with me on the streets when I had nothing. And the winter shelters are opening. And some people are nice out here. I don’t know. It’s a seesaw, remember those? Some days are good and some bad.”

An older man laughs and says: “When I had a house and job I said the same thing. People make the difference. You need someone to have your back and someone to be nice to you.”

So that is what I took away that day. People make the difference.


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