That God Thing by Journey Youth

That God Thing by Jay Begay(with help from Jeremy and Jacob)

Jeremy, Jacob and I talk a lot about God, the Great Spirit, and the images we used to have and now have. This is usually at night when we remember some of the discussions/fights we had in the Spirit Journey Youth group. We read Bishop Steven Charleston’s blog yesterday on the different images people have. We all agree that we don’t see God as a more than life person as much as the source of wherever goodness and holiness comes from. Our best image involves the bottom of the ocean where bubbles keep coming out of a deep hole that holds us together when it is rough and that keeps pushing us to be more open.

The problem is that the metaphors we use to talk about this source always comes out like there is a super power person behind it all and it is confusing to keep things straight. I am held in God’s hands; he watches over us; he knows my secrets and so on.  Every time I use a person metaphor it seems that I make God very small to fit my frame of reference. But I don’t have any other metaphor except when I thank the Great Creator for 4 legged, 2 legged, things that swim, or crawl or fly or just sit there. When I think of our being related to all creation in one giant spider web(without the spider)then I get close to the feeling I have when I relax in the well spring that is my image of God.  I think that water is an important metaphor to talk about God. Bubbling water, still water, drowning water, deep water, rough water, drinking water, river water, swimming water, bathing water, holy water, water.

What do some of you think?


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