A Kid by Nathan Blackwater


A Kid by Nathan Blackwater

Walking alone on the street

I see the back of a kid

Running fast as he can

Until he starts to skid.


With a half-eaten sandwich,

Tattered jeans with feet almost bare

I help him on to his feet

He gives me a furtive stare.


“It’s okay,” I lamely say.

“I’ve been hungry too.”

He looks at my fine clothes

And stares at my shoes.


I feel like a fool,

Barely remembering my past

When I didn’t have much

When money didn’t last.


The kid lives now,

Sleeping in the cold

Hiding from others

Not daring to be bold.


I have a job, a house

I’m not afraid to try

New things, new ways

No longer have to lie.


What future does he have?

He’s barely half grown.

Living on the street

Trying to be strong.


When I was a teen

People gave me a hand

What chance does he have?

What’s wrong with our land?


Handing over my jacket,

He takes it slowly,

Then starts to run.

I go home to brood.


There are so many kids out there.


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