Tarp Joy by Jay Begay



Tarp Joy by Jay Begay

Something has changed me since we have been handing out tarps. It is either raining or dripping when we arrive in our truck and hand out tarps with no questions asked. Someone yells “It’s the Christmas truck” when we showed up last Saturday. I’ve been out there. I know what it is like for people’s eyes to slide by like you don’t exist. I really get a thrill when I shout “Hey there, we have tarps.” It is a sharing what we have (thanks for all the donations you have given us for the tarps.)

It is more than that. It is an identification of all people as our family. I can’t believe that I used to think that I was alone. I used to be shy about saying hello first. I am not sure what changed but giving out tarps sort of tell people that someone cares if they are wet and miserable.



One thought on “Tarp Joy by Jay Begay

  1. We are so, so immensely proud of all you guys are doing out there. You have so much care and love for those who are “The least of these”. Don’t ever give up, you are changing your world out there. That makes you all mighty.

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