Reflections by Jay Begay

Reflections by Jay Begay
The Great Spirit gives us all things that fly, and swim and crawl or that just sits in its own beauty. Our spiritual practices keep the holy steady in us, whether it is the scattering of pollen or the smoke of sage. When someone dies, it is all a part of the dying and living of mother earth. Our sorrow comes from our not being able to touch and smell and hear someone we cherished.
We miss something by not being on the land where we can see a tree fall and decay, or a hawk catching a rabbit, or seeds being buried in the ground. We forget too easily that dying is necessary and goes on regardless of our wishes.
It is hard to grieve without the full ceremony. When a death happens I want to go back home where holy men and women know how to sing the songs and do a full chant. I don’t want a few words of another culture to be said in substitution of a rich heritage.
I live in two worlds and usually I am content in both. But when someone dies, I am Navajo.


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