Without Beauty by Jeremy Blackwater

Without Beauty by Jeremy Blackwater
“I’m bored,
Let’s go kill someone.”
Giggling while lifting
Cement blocks to smash.

“We beat them up
Whenever we find them.
It’s something to do.
We’re bored.”

Words of these children
Reverberate in the streets.
Are there more
Looking for us?”

I’ve lived the dark side
Where anger, addiction, arrogance
Ruled me
Fueled my direction.

But I had a grandmother,
One who took me
In her lap with gentle hands
Told me the old stories.

“Respect everything
Given to us.
Protect the weak
As a warrior.

Share what you have,
Turn no one away,
Give back to your people,
Make your way in beauty.”

To have such ugliness
In their bored lives,
I think they must not have had
A wrinkled memory keeper.
They grew without
A story of gentleness
Of choosing the way
Of being related to all.

They didn’t have a chance
To grow in compassion,
To see their role as protectors.
They must not have grandmothers.

God have mercy on them.


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