Step Around by Kinda Yazee Nez

Step Around by Kinda Y. Nez
When Katy and I handed out water bottles to some homeless people slumped in an alley way, several people were wrapped in blankets still asleep. We are taught to never step over people so I carefully put my foot down in uncertain places to walk around the bodies and leave a water bottle. I stumble once but catch myself without falling down.
One young man calls out to ask why I do that.
Katy tells them that we are taught to respect people and not treat them like they are furniture, so we go around not over.
“Are you for real,” says the man. “We are nothing.”
Katy and I answer together, “No, you’re not. You are a person.”
That’s all we did that Saturday but I think we got our message across. It got to me anyway.


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