Empty Eyes by Jeremy Blackwater

Empty Eyes by Jeremy Blackwater

Placing my feet carefully

Around the blanket people

My eyes strain to see

Someone who looks like me.


Discarded needles

Among discarded people

My throat tightens

With bitter tastes.


Empty eyes look past me

Midst forgotten people

My lips moan

With unintelligible sounds.


I see my relative

Between misplaced people

My body aches

In remembered shame.


“Give up on us!”

The mislaid people cry.

My hand reaches out

To make them visible again.


“I don’t believe in God,

“He is nowhere to be found.”

Accusations rain down

Daring me to defend.


Hunched down on my knees,

Surrounded by vacant minds,

I speak in the dark

“Mellowing out is your God.”


“For me I’m pulled by care

By waves of goodness,

In moments of awe,

Working through the pain.”


Silence falls

Among a disoriented people

My mouth talks without reason

Saying what I feel.


“Come with me,” I say.

My relative follows.

Side by side we walk

Finding a way out.


I’m not sure what happened

Amid the forgotten people

Maybe hope just lies there

Waiting for a hand.




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