She Reads by Kaze Gadway

Read All The Time by Kaze Gadway

      “They came out of nowhere. I saw the truck coming at me and I rolled over near my boyfriend. They started screaming at us. They left tire tracks on my jacket. I just escaped. They mangled the bike. Then they turned the corner and ran over Nancy and the three men. They weren’t so lucky. I was so scared.”

     This is the account one of the victims gave as she stood by the little space in which someone had written “RIP Nancy” in chalk, next to the soft toys, flowers and cross. “She was the one who was reading all the time,” she said.

     One of the fears that people on the street have is that they will die alone or no one will know their name. This happens a lot when someone is taken to the hospital and there is no identification.

     The tribute I heard the most was “It was Nancy. She’s the one who read all the time.”

     That is an awesome legacy to be remembered by.

     We call her name. We will not forget her. She read all the time.



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