Young Man by Jay Begay

Young Man by Jay Begay

     Jeremy and I walked to class this week and saw a real young Anglo man with a backpack and a hoodie. He looked worn out and maybe confused. We stop and ask if he has a place to sleep.

     He told us that he had tried sleeping on the sidewalk with some other men but a couple of guys started going through his backpack with threats. They took his soap, shampoo and a shirt he didn’t have anything else so they pushed him around and left. He found an empty place next to an old house and slept there.

     We gave him some suggestions and directed him to some safer places to sleep and told him where he could get food and maybe a blanket.

        He told us that they won’t feed him unless he is 18 or with an adult parent or they will turn in him so I left in a hurry. “I can’t get food. You have to be 18 or with an adult. I don’t want to be turned in.

   He then told us that his stepdad says he will kill him if he tries to return home to Texas.

     “No,” he says. “It’s really bad there and my stepdad says he will kill me if I return.”

     We introduced him to a homeless friend we have who said he would look out for him and find him food. “Don’t worry,” he says. “I won’t let anyone do any funny stuff with you.”

     They went off and we went to class. School is out the end of May and there will be a lot more young people on the street. Some will be with their parents and some are just run- aways.

     There are not enough safe places for these kids. Thank God for the good people on the street.



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