Night Prayers by Katy Yazee

Night Prayers by Katy Yazee

I think about those 300 girls who have been stolen from their families. I think of the terror they must feel at night, not knowing if they are going to be violated, mutilated or somehow tormented. I know that our God is not a supply clerk that gives us what we ask for on demand. But the Creator does hear our cries for those who are vulnerable and asks that we be the hands and feet that do the work. So here is my prayer:

Great Spirit, as it gets dark outside, may we not live with darkness inside us. By your mercy, hear the cries of those who need protection from those things of the night that want to hurt. Give us a loud voice to tell those in power to rescue these girls. Give us strength to not forget that your children are not living in safety. Have mercy on the families who pray to you. Stay with us during these tough times and lighten our darkness.



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