Remembering Tecumseh by Jacob Nez

Remembering Tecumseh, Shawnee by Jacob Nez

“In times of crisis, it is hard to muster the strength to survive. People, in despair, look everywhere for guidance…and then the Creator sends a message…The message is simple but powerful. The strength to survive comes from traditions, to a return to customs tested by time that have helped countless generations of Shawnee through periods of trouble. Culture is a map, a template for living, and it will give the Shawnee the strength to survive another day.” Tecumseh

     My grandfather had this quote on his wall and would read it to us children. I asked him one day what tradition we had that would help us survive. He says “It is our tradition to sprinkle corn pollen in the four directions everyday and give thanks to the Creator that we are related to all things. If we respect everything on our land, in our skies and rivers then we will learn how to survive.


     I pass this on to all of you who forget you have courage inside you.


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