Sacred Land by Jay Begay

Sacred Land by Jay Begay

     I have been reading a collection of statements of and about Native Americans when our land was stolen from us and we were killed out of greed. This one is from Hopi Elders from Shongopovi.

     “It is from the land that each true Hopi gathers the rocks, the plants, the different woods, roots, and his life, and each in the authority of his rightful obligation brings to our ceremonies proof of our ties to this land. Our footprints mark well the trails to these sacred places…”

     This is true for all Natives I think. I love to go back to those places where holy things live and where I have my roots.

     I do not understand how people can just sell their land and move away. Without a connection to the land they just blow away.

     Seeing the footprints of my ancestors help me through the darkest nights.

     For those of you who are not Native, what ties you to the sacred?



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