We People by Katy Yazee

We People by Katy Yazee

     On a Ted talk last week, the Native talked about our being the We not the Me people. I listened very carefully because I wanted by kids to learn about this. It made me think about my grandmother who insisted that our Creator God gave us things to give away not store away.

     I love the people I work with but those who are not Native talk mainly about what they have and how they can get more. They seem to be victims of their culture to survive by making sure that they have enough and more than enough.

     My house is simple and we give away extra stuff all the time. We are not rich but we have enough to share food and toys that have been given to my kids. People drop by all the time for showers and a meal. Sometimes even to sleep. My grandmother never turned away anyone. We are all in it together. We are all relatives.



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