Prayers by Pictures

Prayers by Pics by Kinda Nez

     In the youth group we used to photographs our prayers. Each small group had a category and had to go out in the neighborhood and take a picture of it. Once my group had intercession and we looked all over for something that we could pray for. At first we took pictures of litter on the streets and then we saw the old man. He had his head down and was looking in all the trash cans. None of us wanted to take a picture. It seemed like disrespect. He was so down. Finally he collected our change and bought him a dollar burger and fries. He was so happy.

     He saw our camera “What are you doing with that?” he says. We told him we were taking pictures of things we could pray for.

     “Well, you don’t want a picture of me. I’m going to hell fast,” he says.

     “Even if we don’t take a picture, we can still pray for you,” I say.

     “In that case, go ahead and take my picture. I will pose.” And he took a pose like in a magazine and we all laugh. We took the picture.

     I never thought our prayers meant anything before that. But people want to know that you care enough that you would even pray for them. So I still lift him up in prayers every once in a while. No one should be forgotten.Image


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