Easter Day by Jeremy Blackwater

Easter Day by Jeremy Blackwater

     All day yesterday we hung out at the park. Our family of five made Easter eggs to hide in the park for the homeless to find. We didn’t tell them. We just watched them find them and start eating. One man came up to me and says “I found four different colors.” He had a happy grin on his face.

     We used to do this in Holbrook and Winslow with the Spirit Journey Youth—so much better than an Easter egg hunt. I think the homeless were touched that someone went to that much trouble to color the eggs.

     Or maybe it was the color.

     We went to Easter services. I’m sure that the reason so many Natives love the Episcopal service is because of the colorful ceremony that is so haunting. I love being an acolyte and participate in the precise movements of something sacred like carrying the cross or lighting the candles. It makes me a part of it all.

     I know that the sacred is everywhere, not in a building or even a ceremony but and this is a big BUT, when there are a bunch of people who tell the same story that good life is possible now, it is a sacred ceremony. I love the ceremony. I love being with a story telling people. I love being part of something bigger than myself. And I love giving Easter eggs to the homeless.



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