Solved by Kaze Gadway

Solved by Kaze Gadway

Solvitur ambulando “It is solved by walking.”

     At Noon Day homeless food center I talked to a woman when a man with his child being shepherd by his arms joined us. The child had CF and autism. He could not stand still and with his limbs at odd angles he could not walk very well. As soon as the father placed him in line, he would stumble away. The father shepherded him back. This happened several times. The man’s frustration etched itself across his face. Finally, he did not bring him back.

     I could not help but go inward and reflect how there are no answers for this father. He has to discover for himself on his own journey how to love and care for his son while they are homeless.

     We don’t solve life’s great problems by thinking about them. We solve them by being on the journey, by letting questions arise and coming to some resolution within ourselves.

     Why is this child like this? Why are they homeless? Why isn’t there a solution? Why questions are usually the wrong questions. It is not a matter of finding a rational reason. It is finding a resolution within us of what and how we are going to walk on the journey.

     Tomorrow is Good Friday. By reason, it is not good. Why did he have to die is not the question. We have to discover within ourselves what this cross death means. It’s our journey. No one else can answer it for us.

     The story of the thief on the cross saying “Remember me,” is part of the heart of this story for me. None of us want our life’s story to be lost, to be forgotten, to be a dead end. This is a story where we have to wait two days to see if this death is lost or turned into something else.

It is solved by walking.




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