Is there a God? by Kaze Gadway

Is there a God? By Jay Begay

     At college this week, someone asks “Why do you think there is a God? It seems like old people thinking to me.”

     I didn’t have an answer but I am thinking about it.

     For me God is not up there or over there. When I think of God, I think of the profound events and those small things that enter me unexpectedly and somehow transforms me. I call this power, this dynamic God the creator. When I am connected to what is important, and I become aware of the holiness of people and places, I am in touch with God.

     The traditional rites and the Christian rites both call me to relate to all things as sacred and help me to be connected to what is essential and whole.

     Prayer helps me to focus on what is important.

     I am a young man of faith who dwells in the grace that comes from these profound moments.

     It really is not the answer I would give the girl who asked me the question but I will work on getting it down to a phrase that may open a discussion of God.

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