Mohawk Prayer by Joseph Begay

Mohawk Prayer by Joseph Begay

     My maternal grandmother used to say this prayer (as much as I remember). She was Mohawk and now lives in the Spirit World.

To be human is an honor. We give thanks for all the gifts of life.

Mother Earth, we thank you for giving us everything we need.

Thank you blue and green waters for taking away thirst from all your living things.

Thank you green and brown grasses that feel good against our bare feet. You bring coolness to Mother Earth’s floor.

Thank you Mother Earth for good foods that feed us when we are hungry.

Fruits and berries, you give us color and sweetness.

Medicine herbs, you give us good medicine and heal us when we are sick.

Thank you animals of the forest who keeps our woods clean.

Thank you trees for the shade and warmth you give us.

Thank you birds for singing and giving us joy in colors and songs.

We give thanks for the four winds, for bringing clean air from the holy four directions.

Thank you Grandfather Thunder Beings for bringing rains to help us grow.

Elder Brother Sun, we send thanks for warming us and bringing us light.

Thank you Grandmother Moon for growing full every month, to give light to children in the darkness and giving us our tides.

Thank you bright stars for giving us joy in looking at the night sky and for the morning dew drops every morning.

Spirit Protectors of our journey, we thank you for showing us ways to live in harmony with each other.

And most of all, thank you Great Spirit for giving us these gifts so we can be healthy every day and every night.



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