Psalm written for Homeless by Spirit Journey Youth group

Homeless Psalm (written by Spirit Journey Youth Group)


“Turn my way, O Lord, and hear me;                                  

for I am poor, and in misery.                                                            

I have prayed to you when I was a child                              

and living in a house with food and water.                         

Now I am on the streets and the snow and rain

show no mercy.                                                                   


I sometimes beg and sometimes work for food.                            

It is not easy to stay alive.

People on all sides show me disrespect                                         

and take advantage of me.                                                 


One day someone handed me a bag of helpful things.          

There were blankets and socks and a hamburger.          

The hands that gave them to me shook my hand.           

Their eyes were smiling as they gave their name                                       

and asked for mine.                                                          

They called me relative.


I knew they came from you, O Lord.                                  

For you Lord, are good and gracious                                                  

And give mercy to all who call on you.                                

You have servants who show their gratitude

By helping those in need.


Teach me your way, Lord.

That I might get off the streets

And walk in your truth.


I will thank you, O Lord my God,

with all my heart

And will praise your name forever.


I have not forgotten you God.

Do not forget me.






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