Care for the Planet by Jacob Nez

Care for the Planet by Jacob Nez

I had to write an essay on why we care for the planet. I don’t think my teacher expected me to use our traditional beliefs but it is my foundation.

So this is from the teachings of my grandmother.

“Why do we pay tribute to animals and rocks and trees, and everything created under Father Sky and of Mother Earth? Everything has a soul, a spirit, even though it may not be a conscious spirit.  Everything in the universe is an object of veneration. We accept the sacrifice of animals and plant life to feed us and we pay homage to their spirits.  Nothing exists that does not come from the Creator and the spirit of Creator is in everything. We think that because we can think and make decisions that humans are superior to animals and water and mud. But all these things have a spirit and are with us to teach us about the holiness of all life. That is why I reverence the planet.




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