Lost Woman by Katy Yazee

Lost Woman by Katy Yazee

Her hair is dirty

Is what I first see

Her head is down

Under the tree.


I sit beside her

Dressed up fine

Not sure what to say

Have lots on my mind.


Like the feel of the dirt

The bark of the tree

Feel close to God

Like I’m meant to be.


Talked to my grandmother

 “Tell me what to say.”

This child’s like me,

She’s so afraid.


The girl spoke up,

“Why are you here?

What do you want?”

The tight mouth showed fear.


“Used to be like you,

Just wanted you to know,”

There is a way out,

That’s not so low.”


 “I’m dirty inside.

I’m afraid of trying

It’s no use”

She starts crying.


“I’m your friend,

I’ll help you.

Let’s go eat.

We ‘ll talk it through.

My grandmother speaks,

Through my voice and feet.

I pass it on.

To those in the street.


Thank you grandmother.




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