Michael McNew at Visceral Concepts

“How are you getting on?” is the question Michael McNew at Visceral Concepts says is asked of people new at their jobs.

“These precious moments spent in cliché conversation could be better used. Asking the right questions in this moment could offer the company some great insight into the training program, as well as the trainer. Why not ask some more relevant, less ominous questions instead? Try these on for size:

  • Was the training pretty simple for you? If they’re honest, you’ll find out lots about both your training program, and the new employee.
  • How did you like working with your trainer, Sam? What if Sam shouldn’t be a trainer because she’s terrible with people? What if she’s training as a substitute, and is fantastic at it? These are things you need to know to make your training program the best it can be.
  • Did all of your questions get answered, or was there something I could answer for you now? There are two bits of great information here. The first is that you’re finding out if your training program is missing important information, which allows you to improve it. The second is for the new employee. You’ve just let them know that it’s OK to ask questions and that you’re here to help.
  • How similar was this training to that of your last position/schooling? This should tell you how you compare to your competition and the industry, and whether or not you’ve found a better approach.
  • Are you totally comfortable with the training materials? If your program is hard to understand, outdated, incorrect, or even offensive, this answer should let you know.

Asking good questions instead of the lazy, cliché questions we’re used to asking can offer us a greater quality of feedback from our new employees, as well as let them know that we aren’t looking at them as an expense.”




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