Being Alone by Jay Begay

     Walking in Albuquerque I talked to a street kid.  He looked about 15 and was drinking coffee with a bunch of older men on the street corner. I asked him “Finding it okay?” He grinned and said “things were real bad at home so I took off. But it is real bad on the streets. It’s scary. Most of the people I meet are good people and they don’t judge me. But a lot are on something strong and they want something from me, you know?”

     I invited him over for a meal and a shower and he looked apprehensive. I was glad I didn’t ask him to sleep over. He looked really scared. About that time Jeremy, my roomie, came by with his school books and the boy seemed to feel less threatened. We told him we could eat outside if he liked. Maybe he will show up or not.

     We see more and more of these kids. If they find support in the homeless community and know where they can sleep in some safety and get something to eat, they can survive. But the fear of being alone and being harassed is very deep.


     I pray that they find a resolution to their living conditions and to their fear. But mainly I pray that they may not feel so alone.




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