Street Experience by Kinda Yazee

     I was only on the streets nine months but it will never leave me. All I wanted was safety and someone to rescue me. My stepfather was really ugly to me and I left my house determined to never put up with that again.  Then a guy on the street told me that he would take care of me but he was as bad as my stepfather and I never slept at night without bruises. We slept in a broken down car. Finally he said I would have to sell myself for sex to bring in money for us to live. That was too much but I was confused. Everything was getting worse and I didn’t know what to do.  Finally my cousin said I could live with her and we both moved to another town. I don’t have any excuses for staying with him. I guess I thought there were no alternatives.

     Now I live in a duplex with my cousin and her kids and the street memories are fading.

     I am so thankful that the youth group found me and accepted me as a real person. I would never have found the courage to break away from all the stuff going on.



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