Choice by Nathan Blackwater

I remember when we used to say this prayer during our mission trip to Skid Row and other homeless places in L.A.

From the Hip Hop Prayer Book

 “Here am I Lord, don’t know what to do

I feel the pain and know I have to choose.

I’ll hang with you, I will not hide

Work thru me, I’m at your side.


We talked about “choice points” where the reality of whatever is going on is shoved into our face and we are given a time to decide what we are being asked to do. This happened to me when I was eating with a homeless man and we talked about things. He admitted that he started drinking when he was young and never stopped. He then asked me if I drank. I almost lied. I don’t know why I didn’t but I finally admitted that I did but not as much as I used to.


He asks me if I wanted to end up like him. That scared me.


I said “No.”


He says “I guess you know what my advice is then.”


I did and I gave up drinking from then on. I began to take God seriously and I began to think about what I really wanted.


So this prayer was good at a time I needed it.

” I’ll hang with you, I will not hide

Work thru me, I’m at your side.”


I will not hide is the exact opposite of what I had always done. At that moment I decided to not run away and deal with the life I had. It was the choice point for my trusting in God.



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