Culvert Child by Katy Yazee

Culvert Child by Katy Yazee

We have been asked to pray for a 13 month old boy who was found in a culvert Friday, January 31, 2014 around 7:15a.m. near Crystal chapter House on the Navajo Nation.

As a single mother of two children who was in an abusive situation and jobless when the children were born, I know how hard it can be to choose responsible motherhood. It is possible and it requires courage to ask for help and to belong to a group who are willing to help. This is my prayer.

Holy Creator, who shows us a miracle each time a child is born, we pray for this little one found abandoned in a culvert. Keep him in your loving presence that we may never forget that some burdens seem impossible. Be also with the family who abandoned him, allowing them to see some way to survive and become the compassionate ones they could be. I pray for all those tangled up in alcohol and drugs that diminish responsibility and compassion. I pray for all those who use violence in their families to solve problems and cannot see solutions of negotiation and balance. I pray for all those who no longer see the holy in particular ways, and especially in those children who cry. I pray that all who pass this culvert may see it as a holy shrine, where our Grandmother God took custody of this small soul. May we never forget how close we are to giving in to violence and running away. Strengthen us in small ways that we may have the courage to make the large decisions.  We ask this in the name of the compassionate one that we know as Jesus. Amen



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