Honesty by Kinda Yazee

     I saw some old friends yesterday. They looked the same—still making excuses about why they didn’t have a job, why their managers were mean to them, how the “system” kept them down, why everything is everyone’s fault but their own. One had been arrested in a domestic violence dispute and she used her frying pan to hit her boyfriend. She was waiting for her court date.

     They wanted to use my phone to call friends. I was caught between wanting to share and not throwing away my money. Finally I say “I got to use my money to pay rent and food.”

     They didn’t get it. They were mad that I had an apartment and warm clothes and had been in the same job for over a year. They wanted me to go party.

     I finally left and talked things over with my cousin. She says that we need to remember when we made excuses and did anything but be honest about what we didn’t do. So we thought about what I could have said.

     I wish I had asked them more questions about what they were doing. Maybe they would have thought about what they are doing and seen some choices.

     I was like that. I am not that now. I thank the Creator for showing me more choices. I thank my friends for supporting me to change.

     Not everyone has those friends. It’s up to us who have stopped making excuses to ask those deep questions so they also see their choice.




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